Congratulations on Your Engagement! Now what?

Hello friends! Welcome to the An Urban Affair Blog, a (hopefully) weekly feature with information, tips and hints and trends to help you plan your wedding! Let’s jump right in with the question I get asked most often: Do I really need a wedding planner?

I always answer with another question: Are you having a wedding? Then the answer is YES!


For newly engaged couples, once the initial excitement of being newly engaged starts to fade, the reality of the enormity of planning a wedding starts to creep in. A better question at this point is, “How much planning help do I need?”

Typically, An Urban Affair’s clients are looking for one of three kinds of assistance: Full Planning, Partial Planning, or Coordination. So how can you tell what’s best for you?

Full Planning: The Everything
Couples who choose full planning are looking for a partner in the planning process. They want someone who can walk them through from start to finish, from setting a date and finding a venue all the way through waving goodnight to their guests. Full planning offers you a professional perspective in helping to select the best vendors to suit your style and budget, as well as having someone to attend meetings and help you interview those vendors, review contracts and help you negotiate all the ins and outs of the entire planning process. It’s very hands-on and gives you a visible planning partner.

Partial Planning: Luxe Coordination

Maybe you prefer a little less hand-holding, but are feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of vendors available to help you make your wedding the day you’ve always dreamed of. This is when partial planning can be an ideal solution. Your planner meets with you and provides planning guidance, selecting options based on what you like and what you need, but might not be as visible to your vendors until you get closer to your wedding date. Think of it as having a personal shopper who can narrow field of a thousand venues (or florists or photographers or stationers or DJs) down to just a few hand-picked names in each category. A partial planner will become more visible as the wedding date gets closer and he or she takes on a larger role in the coordination process.

Coordination: Finishing Touch

What if you’ve done a lot of the planning already and are looking for someone who can tie up the loose ends and make your life easier on the day of the wedding? This is when you need a coordinator. Many people will refer to this as a “day-of planner,” but that’s a misleading term for what your coordinator will actually do for you. The length of time your coordinator works with you varies, but it should never be someone who shows up on the day of your wedding expecting you to tell them what to do. At An Urban Affair, we generally start working with couples about 8 weeks before the wedding. A coordinator helps you to finish the planning process, coordinate and communicate with your vendor team, sets up a timeline and manages the rehearsal and wedding day. We call it the “Finishing Touch” because that’s exactly what we help you to do: put all the final touches in place so you can sit back and enjoy your wedding day!

Still not sure what kind of help you need? Call or email An Urban Affair and set up some time to meet with a coordinator to help choose or customize the perfect planning service for you and your wedding!