New Year, New Blog

Hello, Friends.

Welcome to the new blog feature of our site. Here you’ll find helpful tips, interesting information, style ideas and features of past weddings.

Being the first day of a new year, I’m sure many people found themselves staring down diamond rings and huge, hopefully easy, decisions when the clock struck midnight last night. And today those people are experiencing a blissful state of euphoria–and probably a little bit of the after effects of having celebrated their fresh and new engagement. But when the initial blush of excitement starts to fade a little, couples are inevitably faced with the same daunting conclusion: planning a wedding is really, really hard.


There’s what you want as a couple to consider. And then there’s what your respective families want for you. And then there’s the ideas your friends have. And the advice your friends and family give you based on what they did at their weddings and what they wished they would have done. And then there’s the blogs, and Pinterest, and the magazines and websites tell you. Before long, the euphoria seems like a distant memory swept away by an overwhelming swirl of colors and themes and price quotes and everyone else’s two cents.

Enter the wedding planner. This is when you call me or one of my colleagues. Whether you want someone to walk you through the entire process from A to Z, someone to help guide you through the process and point you in the right directions or someone to come in at the end and help you finish all the final details, An Urban Affair’s philosophy is that hiring the right wedding planner is the best gift you could possibly give yourselves as a couple. Your planner can provide you with advice, help you rein in your ideas, assist in managing your budget, and vet and recommend other vendors and service providers based on first-hand knowledge and experience. They can act as a sounding board when you feel like you’re about to lose your mind.

Best of all, the right planner for you will truly care about you as a couple, but will be absolutely neutral in helping you to manage the extremely delicate emotional elements of the planning process. When a decision seems overwhelming, your planner will be the person who will help you to calmly weight the pros and cons, but can also tell you what they hear you really saying. For example, if you’ve narrowed your venue search down to 3 and your number one objection to each is that you don’t like the view at one, the location is inconvenient at another and that you don’t like the house linens at the third, your planner is the person who will say, “If your biggest objection to the venue can be fixed with an upgraded table cloth, it sounds like your heart has made its decision.” They have no personal stake, so a great planner will always help you filter out all the other voices in your life and gently guide you to what you really want and need as a couple without pushing their own agenda on you.

So to all of you who’ve gotten engaged over the holidays, congratulations! And call me!