Intern Program

Day-of Intern Program

This program allows interested people to observe and assist with an actual wedding and reception, giving them first-hand insight into the work of a wedding coordinator. This is a one-day internship, normally on a Saturday, so those with full-time jobs during the week are eligible to participate. No training is required.

Job Description

A day-of intern will observe and assist the coordinator and coordinator’s assistant with anything needed on the day of the wedding.


The internship is unpaid and will typically last five to six hours—from before the ceremony until after the cocktail hour at the reception. Wedding locations are in the Chicagoland area, usually in the city of Chicago. If the intern is interested, he or she may attend the rehearsal as well.

Dress code

Professional attire is required, preferably so that the intern is dressed similarly to the guests at the wedding. For women, skirt suits or a daytime dresses are suggested (not evening formal wear unless it’s a black-tie wedding); for men, a suit and tie.


This provides an opportunity for the intern to determine whether he or she is interested in pursuing a career in wedding coordination. Internships are also good training ground for a possible assistant position with An Urban Affair.

We currently accept applications for interns between December 1 and May 1.

To be considered for a position in our internship program please send the following information to

  • A current resume
  • One or two paragraphs explaining why you’d like to assist at a wedding
  • A listing of any weekends between May 1 and December 1 you know you are unavailable to participate

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered, nor will applications submitted via any email other than

    Some helpful hints for a successful application:

  • Make sure your contact information is current and valid
  • Present yourself professionally. Errors in your resume, typos in your cover letter, or an unprofessional email address can lose you big points, or even prevent you from being considered. Have someone proofread your application, and avoid email addresses with cutesy nicknames (like princess, diva, cupcake, etc.) or profanity in them.
  • Know your audience. An unsolicited resume sent to a wedding planner during the wedding season (May-December) isn’t likely to generate much interest.

  • We regret that we do not currently offer full-time or part-time employment or internships. Internships for college course credit are also not available at this time.