Love-35-XL A Geek and a Tomboy waited 9 years to marry. They were sure they didn’t want to have a giant wedding for the sake of having a giant wedding. Ellen never pushed. We agreed upon “The Finishing Touch” and it was perfect! A larger wedding needs more in depth services, but we needed someone to hold/slap our hand when things got hairy! Let the Vendors do what they do best . . . their job. Allow the Vendors the chance to bring the joy of this important to day to life with the experience they’ve accumulated. Ellen is a guide, a therapist, a ring leader, a Walgreens (she brings suitcases of stuff to the Wedding! If she doesn’t have it, she finds it for you!), and most of all a Friend. She’s deserves respect, and she earns it! Ellen and Kathlyn (Wedding Ninja!) came equipped with headsets, speaking to each other about timelines, possible issues, shuffling of parents, music, food, flowers, wedding party, overly dramatic guests, and trillions of other things that I didn’t hear while the world spun around Jon and I. She made sure that Jon and I never thought FOR A SECOND about “what ifs”. Hire An Urban Affair if you want your wedding to be YOURS. You will sleep better, smile broader, and enjoy it SO much more knowing that you and your Love are free to enjoy the day! Seriously. Don’t think about it as spending money on an extra thing. You’re spending money to sure that you don’t spend too much money! She recommends people like Craig & Mysi of Soda Fountain Photography to turn reality into fantasy with a camera, imagination, and SO much Love! She saves lives. Seriously! We would not have enjoyed the day so much had we not worked with An Urban Affair, LLC.
My wedding day went smoothly thanks to An Urban Affair. I have already recommended them to my bride-to-be friends. My fiance and I had not attended many weddings prior to ours and it was very helpful to have someone to ask advice and just bounce our ideas off of. Ellen helped keep us on track with our planning and really made our day perfect.
At first, my wife and I were going to plan our wedding ourselves, hoping to create an event that reflected us uniquely. The sheer number of moving parts made the process difficult, so we called in An Urban Affair. They were responsive, organized, on the ball, and in a word, superstars. They quickly understood and embraced our vision, thought of all the little details we would have missed, pointed us to vendors who suited us perfectly, and advocated for us wonderfully. They were more than worth their fee simply by themselves. The wedding went off wonderfully, and we have many thanks to give them for the fantastic job they did.
Ellen, who is now a lifelong friend of mine, embraced my wedding planning almost like a member of the family. Her care and dedication to my wedding came through in everything that went into the day and translated into the perfect event!
Ellen on the wedding day was a ROCKSTAR. She organized everyone—and we had a big, 200-person wedding with multiple spaces. She moved the guests to where they needed to be in a really nice way. I know it’s hard to herd a lot of people into different spaces, but Ellen did it in such a way that all our guests LOVED her. She was a bright spot in our wedding planning.
Thank you so much for being a part of our big day and all you did throughout our engagement to make it possible! We were so overwhelmed by it all, seeing it all come together that night! The wedding day and evening was just perfect! We loved it all and are so grateful for your help in executing our visions and wishes. Thank you so much for everything!
Although I only hired her for day-of-coordination, she played a much larger role than just that. She was always available to me via email or phone and quick to answer any questions that I had.